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LIBYA Conflict inc. Tripoli, Civil Wars, Anarchy, Rebels

In Politics v world on March 20, 2011 at 6:57 am

With Civil Anarchist, or Rebels against the Dictator of Libya Colonel Gaddafi, 

Tripoli or surrounding areas being attacted by the sea/air (int’l), also named is Misratah, Sirte, Zuwarah, they are the places under most firing and attacked by 3 forces (4/5) Libyan forces, the people (rebels) Bangasi, Albia they are rulers in the area for historic independence, (Sirinakia). (spelling/s unknown to me) and the outer community (international forces)

People are Fleeing from Ajdabiya toward egypt and Benghazi fleeing toward Tobruk (tobruk furtherst from attacks)

Meditarian Sea per Gaddafi holds the international forces.

With Targets to attack in Libya alone, reason for; to bring a probable surrender by Gaddafi. 


Gaddafi apparently signed a peace treaty. Did he break that before the last approx. 2 wks, is that why the rebels attacked?

20/mar Heard a peace treaty was signed in the 70’s and it was no longer then approx. 30mins before it was brocken. Remember the 40yrs he has been in power… So was a build of 40years of parts of his surrounding communties/cities being attacked until they have now. Finally stood up to Gaddafi. 

I know wonder what on Earth did he WANT? A religous thing? Taxes? What laws was he looking to them to follow?


The first news of Gaddafi attacking or Protecting his people was only days ago after a prolonged time of being attacked.

So who cares if he broke a peace agreement. It’s not relevant in a time of continual attack.::::::::: guess thats vice versa::::::::: And in addition he was offered no support in that time by international forces so whats the dealeo?

The Sky remains to be Extremely Unsafe. Not only because of a Rebel (? to be confirmed) War Jet (M23) being hit by the Rebels themselves.

::::::::::::::::: 22/mar f15 crashed USA, apparently mechanical fault, man oh man of all the things mechanical fault v constant shooting into  the sky, talk about being struck by lightning:::::::::::::::::::

Rebels Firing into the sky Blindly. Initially they where blindly shooting (last wk) at Lybian Aircraft when Gaddafi finally took up forces of this type against the rebel activity.

Lybian Airspace would not be safe enough for a Jumbo jet to land let alone for jet aircraft from international forces to fly by fast or slow 🙂 There is no perception or ability for either sides to tell what either side is doing. (civil/rebel v Lybian/Gaddafi Force, mostly rebel fault)

Not being able to enter the area (due to the conflict- shooting randomly) enables the ability to confront the leader of the country or for him to leave his current location. Communications will only remain if they do not (rebels, int’l) start blasting the systems.

French airforces flown over coast, Spanish Air/sea, Great Britain Airforces/Sea in place. 

I believe the intent is to stop Gaddafi from fighting back against the rebel attacks.

But what would remain is the rebel forces attacking randomly, sky and ground.


The only reason the attacks are made on significant targets as mentioned above, is to make the leader stop attacking the people.

Mar 20/22 Alot of Targets have been hit, Gaddafi however is not responding.


But the “people” are the Rebels also ??. Are they being counted as the people? there has only been approx. 40 named dead, so I’m not sure if they can even tell who is killing who expecially if these rebels are flying aircraft. I have only seen the beaten up trucks with guns aimed at the sky, if the sky moves a shot is taken, even if there is no movement in the sky.

:::::::::::: Mar 20/22 90 dead:::::::::::::::::::::::

Diplomacy has yet to be fully reached in Egypt and the people are still under duress in an attempt to also removed a leader. This is three countries so far.

These rebels around Libya are spreading themselves around the longer they do this, the longer they have to spread, who is to say they will not become like an al-queda type as in iraq/afgan, or be that.

The Rebels, may want to help now but this is Civil unrest and perhaps it is best for Gaddafi not to rule. But I would be extremely unhappy if the government was overturned by our liberal party or a party of people who have no stable ideals on how to run a country. And would hope that our freedoms were stood up for and internationally help was available.

In Libyan’s case leaving the job again to a Western idealism, to show them how to create rules and be.. what more independent?

Once ruled by a Dictator u have to understand that this means one mans voice is louder then any law.

So if the people want to live more safely more independently,  create a stronger economy, or with no laws, no jobs, no care..

What they need to understand, is that with a more settled day to day life we are all slaves in one way or another. A Leader can not be removed so that the country and its people can then just sit on their hands and watch the days go by sipping on a sweet tang..

It’s hard work to be independent and the more you want and need the harder you have to work. You can’t run around with guns on the back of truck after a leader of this type is taken out of power, for then you are the instigator of a dictator ship of your own.

There are supporters of Gaddafi, there are non-supporters, there is a mess of civil unrest that does not just go away with the removal of a leader.

Its an expensive ride to ride for international countries, its a change for the people that they may not understand, and an expense the international countries have to endure, unloved then by their own people, for being part of something they may or may not care for their tax dollars to go too.

Apparently there is immence unjust treatment of the people as in Egypt.

All I can see is the cameras shaking as they shoot and bomb, a force for which this part of the world (South) has seen alot of this year. And it reminds you of the uncontrollable power of Nature then the uncontrollable power of man. Yet MAN has the ability to choose.

When this one man chooses to step down or away from this fight against rebels attacking his people and military, then we all need the rebels to choose to let the people be.. makes the ability to choose a whole lot cheaper.. Reminds me of the ignorance of people who cheat on each other either financially or in relationships, as though they didn’t have a choice.. simplicity


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